Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not quite Artichoked...

Preparing an artichoke is harder than it might seem. Or what I even remember it to be. But still not an impossible task.

This is definitely one of those recipes that I would make again....with a little tweaking.

The rice was good, the artichoke a bit bland. The recipe that I was following suggested using lemon to keep the edges and insides of the artichoke from oxidizing the way that apples and potatoes do. And that works, but when you are hoping that a lemon basil water mixture is going to be enough to give the artichoke a bit of flavor on its own, well, you should keep on hoping. I think all it needed was a bit of salt and pepper, and maybe a few other spices or maybe even a bouillon cube to kick the broth that it simmers in up a notch. The artichoke came out beautifully, and cooked beautifully for sure, but it was lacking in the flavor department, and I am disappointed about that. That just means next time, I'll just make it that much better, and hopefully I've got cleaning artichokes down to a science. Do check out the website I mentioned in the last post, the tips are great, and I'm sure their recipe great too. I'm going to try that next time I think!

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