Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Creations

This weekend I had a little get together to go to, so I asked if I could bring the dessert. Because you know it's always polite to bring SOMETHING, even if it's just your own alcohol. But maybe that's just a southern thing. Earlier in the week my boyfriend and I went to the grocery, and I ended up getting a Bon Appetit magazine, solely based on the dessert on the front cover. Blackberry, Lemon, Gingersnap Cheesecake Pudding. YUM. So that's what I made.

I am pretty sure that I have found my new favorite dessert. It was delicious. And I made all of it, from the lemon curd to the whipped cream to the berry sauce. While it does take 8 hours for the lemon curd to chill, it honestly was a really easy recipe, and one that I will definitely use again. A lot.

Next for my weekend cooking escapades, I had a dream about pizza. Now I love pizza. So imagine my excitement when I woke up with an idea to make pizza at home, that I simply had not thought of before.

However, before I get into that, I should mention that when I lived in North Carolina a number of years ago as a whitewater rafting guide, on a few days I was off, mostly on Sunday's though, I worked in a little pizza shack called Pizza by the River. It literally was Pizza by the River. You could be rafting or kayaking down the river, and pull your boat over, get out, get a fresh hot slice or a whole pie, eat, get back in your boat and continue on. Or you could be driving down the road and stop as well. Basically it was a tiny kitchen sandwiched between a mountain, road, and river. I miss that place, but one thing I took with me from it was knowing how to make my own pizza, dough tossing and all.

Now my idea....

I woke up having dreamt about pizza, and immediately got to work. My stepmom years ago taught me a recipe for something called Navajo Tacos, thats for another time, but the key thing here, is that you make Navajo Tacos on frozen dough dinner rolls. The kind that you have to let thaw, rise, and cook. But there's a faster and more simple way to use these. Once you thaw the rolls out, you simply spread them out until they are a flat bread. To cook them simply put some some olive oil in a skillet, let it get warm, and then you fry the flat dinner rolls in the oil until they are a golden brown. Since I then had to put these in the oven to make pizza I didn't cook them quite all the way so that the oven would do the rest of the job.

Now for the sauce. I made my own. I just took a can of tomato paste, put it in a sauce pan, added 1 can of water (same can the paste just came from), some oregano, basil, salt, and pepper. Then I simply let it simmer until well mixed.

About this point in time, my boyfriend who is sitting at the island doing some work on his computer looks up and asks me what I'm doing. I simply tell him "magic". It's pretty much my response to anything, even though I'm 25. That or some variation of a "your momma" joke. Mature I know.

I didn't happen to have any meat for this pizza, so it was strictly veggie, but still delicious. So after placing cooked flattened dinner roll pizza crusts on the pizza pan, I brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled them with garlic and a little bit of Tonys. Then I added the sauce, green olives, onions and garlic, stuck it in the oven on broil for about 5 minutes, pulled it out added a layer of shredded cheese, mushrooms, halved cherry tomatoes, and some broccoli then tossed a little more cheese on top. Stuck it back in the oven until the cheese melted and the broccoli had a slight "singe" to it, then pulled it out.

See the reason I thought this was a great idea was because using these dinner rolls gives you kind of a sweet crust for your pizza. And I thought it was great.

So here's the final product....

Now, it's obvious that I am not a master chef, I didn't go to school for it, I wasn't technically trained, my stepmom just taught me to cook at the age of 8 and I've been doing it ever since. I enjoy it. So this blog isn't going to be some kind of blog showing off my skills at food decoration or anything like that, I have an art blog to display those kinds of skills, the things I really DID go to school for, I just thought this would be fun, and I like food. And I'm pretty dang good at making it. So....

Thus begins my documented adventures.

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