Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When you are poor and busy....

Well, relatively poor but definitely ridiculously busy, you forget that you are supposed to write on a blog. So I am sitting down now to try to remedy the lack ofme writing here. As a result of all of this, I have a lot of food to talk about. But I think I am just going to start with today, and work backwards, and maybe not put it all in one post. It would be ridiculously long, and no one wants to read all that at once.

So my new favorite blog to read about cooking is smittenkitchen. It has some of the best stuff on there. I've already made several of the recipes, (one is in the crock pot right now) and I have no complaints. So go visit it.

Here's what is cooking today...

and here's my pictures...

It is now in the cooking for 8-10 hours phase. So more pictures from this to come.

As Micah is about to get home from work, and I need to get supper for tonight warmed up (Last night I made my stepmom's recipe for chicken and cheese spaghetti casserole, its soooo good and so easy, I'll post pictures of it later) because some things are just better the second day.

I'll be sure to be on top of updating, there is a lot of food that I haven't talked about, and maybe you want to read it.

Upcoming food posts, baked cheese grits, navajo tacos, chicken and cheese spaghetti casserole, jambalaya, skirt steak with baby arugula salad, homemade hot chocolate and whipped cream and a ton more.

It's my favorite time of year to cook, full of stews, chilis, and homemade things just like your grandmother makes. I love it. So here's to me keeping abreast of posting and not getting behind.

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  1. Allrighty Booth - what's up with your blog slackerness? I am back from my haitus and blogging again, and now I see you haven't been on in a while. Keep up the cooking and the writing. I love your recipes!! We should get the girls and have a cooking night. :)


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