Saturday, March 31, 2012

Holy Moly the frustrations of technology!

Trying to get everything "synced" just so I could make my life more easy to update my blog...did not work out.  So I just did it the long time consuming way, here's to hoping it was worth it.

On the 27th of March I turned 27 years old.  I was so excited about this birthday, because (its seems to be a little known fact) it was my golden birthday!  So in honor of this, and because I am obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race, I decided to have a Drag Queen Party (it was 2 weeks early because M would be out of town just before and after my birthday).  Oh my gosh.  It was so much fun, and my loving friends and as you can see in the picture below, very loving M dressed in drag to celebrate me.  It was such a fun party and I wish I could have a golden birthday again.

Doesn't M look lovely in that dress?  I think so.

The day after I celebrated my birthday was St. Patty's, and M and my friend AC was in town.  I made them all go out in the yard with me to look for 4 leaf clovers!  I found two, so I am pretty sure that means I have all the luck in the world.

I am so in love with blood oranges, and when I found them in the local grocery, I bought so many, and they have been so so delicious.

On the day of my birthday my sweet hunnies took a picture with me so that we could have pictures of the wonderful memories that we have shared.

I rescued my friend mr. inch worm from the perils of the sun on a hot car...

...and deposited him into the shade of a lovely tree.

Since M would have to work Tuesday night and we couldn't have the whole day together, we decided to go to the dragon park to have a picnic and just spend some quality, peaceful, time together.  

For our picnic we went to The Dog of Nashville.  I got the Fiery Redneck with fries and M had the Barnyard with onion rings.  It was such a good lunch, and when we were finished we watched the planes in the sky...

(no planes are pictured here ha!) 

My very favorite person and best friend in the whole world.

In honor of my golden birthday, I bought these cute little rings with my initials from UO as a little reminder of this special birthday.

In the evening I spent some time with my family, at Watanabe, where one of them works.  In honor of my birthday a special drink was concocted and served in a grapefruit!!  How awesome!

And now for my exciting news!!
I have been sewing a lot lately, on my trusty Singer.

The sewing however is not the news!  What I have been making lately is the news.  The shirt pictures below is a chiffon top with lace insets into the racer back.  The front (which I didn't have a good shot of) is pleated just below the shoulders and with a square neck, that also opens up into a V neck.

So why am I telling your all of this you are wondering?!

Well because I am about to start selling my wares!!  I am going to be putting bow-ties and...

maxi skirts up soon in my etsy shop.  The skirts above and below are ones that I whipped together for myself.  So keep a look out for a post with a link to my etsy (which I have had since 2007, but never put anything in), just in case you are in need of some cute skirts or bow-ties for your favorite man.  There's going to be some fun stuff going on with the bow-ties, so keep an eye out!  

I also made the dress below, I'm not quite finished with it, but it is completely designed from my brain, with no patterns or anything.  Just my awesome dress form to help me go along.

So that is what has been going on in the B&McGee household lately.  Mad schedules, sewing, lots of hot dogs, and the happiest of birthdays. 

Hope all of this was worth the wait, as well as the length of the post!  Whew!

- B


Other exciting news, M and I are starting to work on a t-shirt line under the design name B&McGee and we will be posting up some designs on my etsy, various facebooks, and on this blog in the near future!  So keep and eye out.


I included the picture below because I think its a great photo, but it doesn't look anything like me so it kind of weirds me out and I just wanted to share!  What do you think?!

P.P.P.S I promise that really soon I will change the banner at the top of my page...since it's not just a recipe blog anymore.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Where in the world did March run off too...

Because apparently I was looking the other direction.  Even though I just celebrated my birthday this week, and I KNOW that it is at the end of the month, just like it has been for the past 27 years.  (aaaaahhhhhhhh 27?!?  But it was my golden 27 on the 27th so that was fun).  But I'm not ready for the month to be over.  I still have things I need to do.  I guess I can get them done in April as well.

This is just a short post to tell you that I will be making a longer post when I get home from work today and can upload pictures, think of what all I want to tell you, and share some news that I feel is pretty exciting.

So have a wonderful day, and enjoy your last days of March.


p.s.  I never know how to end my blog.  It's like I need a catch phrase, or a official signature, or a symbol or something.  Can someone think of something for me?  I haven't the time. kthxbai!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Even though....

It was a beautiful, wonderful, glorious, dazzling, and sublime day outside, (my neighbors would agree since they are having a cook out on their front porch *read stoop*) this picture describes how I have felt today.  Super bummed.  I'm all up inside of my head not knowing what to do with my life and freaking out because I'm almost 27 and what the hell should I be doing with my life, and what happened to all the goals and ideas and what not and so forth that I have had about my future, when will I finally be financially stable, and when can I get a new car, and for pete sakes, I just need to buy some groceries. 

So yeah.  Today sucked.  It's never all sunshine, butterflies, and kitty cats.  I know that.  I wish I could have enjoyed today more.  I know what my biggest hurtle is, I just need to get around/over/under it, and I will feel better/be able to buy groceries/figure out what I AM doing with/SHOULD be doing with my life/can be financially stable/start working towards getting a new car.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting an early start of Birthday fun!!

Finally I got my hair sorted, my ombre was looking kind of crazy at first (someone didn't listen to me at the salon so I had to use box dyes to fix the ombre.)  It's much more subtle in person, the light in my bathroom makes it super vibrant.

On my day off, M and I had a lovely breakfast.  I cut the inside out of the bagel and chopped up apples and then toasted everything with some cheese on top!!  SO SO GOOD!!

Then we went to home depot to buy all the things for me to start my garden!  I like to call this my birthday garden.

And we at ate Nathan's Hot Dogs at the K-Mart, which I never knew these kinds of things existed I felt like I was in some kind of weird alternate universe, we went there to get emergency blankets to hang in the basement for my party.

Whenever we got home I looked in our fish tank and saw that the snail was on the snail giving her shell a cleaning.

Rivers hung out outside with me while I built my garden!

I got started with my planting by planting various kinds of mint!!  So so excited.

That night I got my bangs cut!

A few days later as I was leaving the grocery, it looked like the world was going to end!!  The sky was so crazy!

I decided that this was my new favorite drink!

M and I worked on hanging the decorations for my birthday party!

I got my gold lame' train made that went with my dress!

My friend Shelby did my make up for me (she works at the Mac counter) it was super drag-tastic!!

M even let me put make up on him for my drag queen birthday party!

YESSSSS!!!!  so so so good.  It's real love when your boyfriend is willing to put on make up, a dress, and fish net hose for you, to celebrate your birthday.

So good.

I had a great birthday party, and even though it was 11 days early, (since M is out of town the weekends before and after my actual birthday) I will continue to celebrate until the end of the month!!

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