Monday, March 19, 2012

Even though....

It was a beautiful, wonderful, glorious, dazzling, and sublime day outside, (my neighbors would agree since they are having a cook out on their front porch *read stoop*) this picture describes how I have felt today.  Super bummed.  I'm all up inside of my head not knowing what to do with my life and freaking out because I'm almost 27 and what the hell should I be doing with my life, and what happened to all the goals and ideas and what not and so forth that I have had about my future, when will I finally be financially stable, and when can I get a new car, and for pete sakes, I just need to buy some groceries. 

So yeah.  Today sucked.  It's never all sunshine, butterflies, and kitty cats.  I know that.  I wish I could have enjoyed today more.  I know what my biggest hurtle is, I just need to get around/over/under it, and I will feel better/be able to buy groceries/figure out what I AM doing with/SHOULD be doing with my life/can be financially stable/start working towards getting a new car.  

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