Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've been cooking, I swear...

I just haven't been posting about it because I don't have a good camera anymore.  But here's a picture of some bagels I made yesterday...

They are delicious, and each one is a uniquely different flavor.  I never ever ever want to buy bagels again, because it's not that hard to do, and they are so good.  A few of the varieties are 1.  Cinnamon, raisin, cranberry, honey 2.  Garlic 3.  Garlic, Onion, Basil, Parmesan 4.  Plain 5.  Basil and many many more, I made 2 batches of them, I just didn't get a picture of the other ones.  Some of these are going to get turned into bagel chips, (which I am secretly but maybe it's not a secret now, obsessed with.)  They are really easy to make also.  Whenever I get back home to my cookbook I will get the recipe up.  I promise.  It comes from Love Food "Baking Bible".  The recipe is really easy, the key to successful fluffy bread of any kind I have discovered is to ABSOLUTELY make sure you give it the proper amount of rise time.

There aren't any awesome bagel shops in Memphis, which makes me very sad.  If I had the money, I would open my own.  Where I am from there is a Beagle Bagel (yum) and in New Orleans near my mom's house there is a great bagel/bagel sandwich place.  MEMPHIS WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ONE?!?  I will start one.  Don't worry.  Even if I am just taking orders from friends and making them in my kitchen.  You'll never know what hit you.

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