Friday, February 10, 2012

Seriously, I am the worst at this...

I really want to keep up with my blog, post pictures, and write funny stories.  But I suck at consistency.  I really wish I didn't.  But I've been giving it some thought, and here are what I would like to call
1.  This blog has in the past, just been for cooking.
2.  My OTHER blog has been for artsy things.
3.  Who has time to keep up with two blogs?!
4.  I really need a nice camera.
5.  I need to make sections on one blog, with all the stuff I love to do, so that I don't run into the aforementioned 2 blog problem.
6.  I need to remember to take some stinkin' pictures of the things that I am making.  (because in the last two weeks or so I have made a 2 dresses, a skirt, a shirt, some delicious pork tacos (like seriously some of the best I have ever had/made.), a leather wallet for M, and a few other things.  Do I have pictures?  no...)
7.  A plan.  I need a plan.  I don't have one, that is why this is a problem.  I know what days I don't work, I need to commit like 2 hours of that day to updating, picturing, posting, all that bloggish stuff.  (Maybe I should make a calendar....I'm good with things written where I see them constantly.)
8.  Well, I don't really have an 8, but I don't like to end with odd numbers.  So 8!!  yeah!

So, in the days/weeks (hopefully not weeks) to come I will be updating/revamping/redoing/refocusing this thing.  So be patient.  (Maybe I just mean I should be patient, but you be patient too.)

IN OTHER NEWS!!!!  I'm going to buy some shoes today that I have been waiting for almost two years to be able to buy/justify spending that much money on shoes.  It's silly I know.  But come on.  2 years, I've been waiting.  2 YEARS!  And finally we have just a little bit of play money for me to get them.  I'm so excited.  Here's a picture...

I am going to be SO tall.  ****Update**** Nordstroms didn't have my shoes in stock.  AND they didn't have them at any other Nordstroms in my size!  Rude.  But I knew another website where I could order them.  So I did.  But now I have to wait 5-7 business days for my beauties to arrive....I'm definitely learning patience.  I wanted instant gratification, which is why I drove ACROSS TOWN and sludged through SNOWY RAIN AND TRAFFIC, only to find out...  I still have to wait.

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