Friday, February 24, 2012

Our week in pictures 2.20-2.24

I finally got my new Jeffrey Campbells in.  I've hardly taken them off.  I would probably sleep in them if I wouldn't hurt myself or M.

I gave myself an at home manicure!

Rivers was adorably cute sleeping on the couch, eeeeven though the dogs aren't supposed to be up on the furniture.

Schnelly is an awesome poser.  I think she thinks she's a model dog.

Miss B came out of hiding long enough to take an adorable picture.

I got a hair cut, super excited about the girl who is my hair stylist now.  She really gets my hair!

And last but not least, we gotta eat!!  Made these delicious Black bean patties, with corn relish, and avocado cream relish!  I literally just finished eating this.  It was awesome.

It was a weirdish week, but at least I got some good photos!

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