Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting an early start of Birthday fun!!

Finally I got my hair sorted, my ombre was looking kind of crazy at first (someone didn't listen to me at the salon so I had to use box dyes to fix the ombre.)  It's much more subtle in person, the light in my bathroom makes it super vibrant.

On my day off, M and I had a lovely breakfast.  I cut the inside out of the bagel and chopped up apples and then toasted everything with some cheese on top!!  SO SO GOOD!!

Then we went to home depot to buy all the things for me to start my garden!  I like to call this my birthday garden.

And we at ate Nathan's Hot Dogs at the K-Mart, which I never knew these kinds of things existed I felt like I was in some kind of weird alternate universe, we went there to get emergency blankets to hang in the basement for my party.

Whenever we got home I looked in our fish tank and saw that the snail was on the snail giving her shell a cleaning.

Rivers hung out outside with me while I built my garden!

I got started with my planting by planting various kinds of mint!!  So so excited.

That night I got my bangs cut!

A few days later as I was leaving the grocery, it looked like the world was going to end!!  The sky was so crazy!

I decided that this was my new favorite drink!

M and I worked on hanging the decorations for my birthday party!

I got my gold lame' train made that went with my dress!

My friend Shelby did my make up for me (she works at the Mac counter) it was super drag-tastic!!

M even let me put make up on him for my drag queen birthday party!

YESSSSS!!!!  so so so good.  It's real love when your boyfriend is willing to put on make up, a dress, and fish net hose for you, to celebrate your birthday.

So good.

I had a great birthday party, and even though it was 11 days early, (since M is out of town the weekends before and after my actual birthday) I will continue to celebrate until the end of the month!!

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