Sunday, April 22, 2012

April's so lovely...

This month has been so lovely.  I'm sad to see the month almost over, because the weather has just been so lovely, I don't want to see the wonderful weather go.  It's been perfect for swinging, yard work, tending my herb garden, grilling out, and general outdoors fun.

I came home from work one day to enjoy the late afternoon sun, a beer, and the swing in our front yard.

I have found my favorite jam at the Nashville farmers market.  It is the best jam I have ever had.  M and I went back the other day to buy some more, and I bought all the jars that they have!

My best ole dog loves to snuggle with me on the couch.  He almost takes up more couch than I do!

M brought me home some beautiful flowers last weekend.  I was so excited to wake up and find them on the kitchen counter, he surprised me with them.

We had a lovely brunch last sunday as well, and I made raspberry lemonade, with fresh mint from the garden, lemon slices, and a couple of squeezes of lemon juice.

Our backyard is really shaping up, I can't wait to get all the plants from our old place, (which friends live in so I can go back and get them), to finish out my outdoor patio oasis.  It's going to be so so lovely.

While M was at work one night, I made some pan grilled spicy plum and chipotle glaze chicken tenders, green bean, strawberry, mint and feta salad, and toasted bagels with cheese.

A few days later when M WAS at home we had homemade Sopa De Pollo, with fresh jalapenos, avocados, and pepper jack cheese.  So so so so so, good.

We celebrated our anniversary on wednesday with a cookout...

Of petite filet mignon, homemade sweet potato fries, and grilled corn.

Friday was M's birthday (4/20 haha) so I surprised him with...

homemade peanut butter cupcakes, nutella buttercream icing, and coconut on top!

The recipe was only supposed to make 20 cupcakes, I ended up with 53!!  HOLY MOLY!

And then today we cooked out again, grilled sweet potato's, grilled apples with cinnamon, sugar, and butter, green bean salad with strawberries and grilled onions, and grilled hot dogs, onions, and avocados!  

We have had such lovely meals!!  I love grilling and cooking out.  Especially when the weather is so perfect.  We are so excited to go to the farmers market this week, to get more fresh fruits and veggies, to use our grill more often, and enjoy this wonderful weather!!

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