Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great minds think about the same food....

Or so it seems to go in this household.  While I was trying to figure out supper tonight, I texted Micah to ask him what he wanted to eat tonight to go along with this recipe.  Well, he just said, "I'm bad at this game."  So I reverted back to my other resources.  The internet and my best friend.  The internet supplied me with this which is also from smitten kitchen where my first recipe came from.  I have to say, she knows what she is talking about, every single recipe I try from her turns out awesomely.  So I need a meat right?  That's where the best friend comes in, and she knew exactly what I was thinking as far as a meat went, so it helped me to make up my mind.  Flank steak with a dry rub that my stepmom told me ages ago.  Done.

So after successfully making the Asparagus Salad I moved on to the other stuff....

Which took a little bit longer....

You can see the recipe here.
This is totally a must try recipe, and just because it takes a while to cook, you shouldn't be put off because the results are SO worth the wait.  

Then just before Micah came home, I threw the steak into a skillet and cooked until medium rare.  I don't know about anyone else, but I was raised to love a good medium rare steak, and I don't ever want to eat steak of any kind any other way.  But for those of you who like it a little more cooked, and a little less bloody, just cook it until you feel it's perfect for you.

The recipe for the rub is super easy, and even though I didn't let this marinate over night, (it did marinate for about 2 hours though) it still turns out really delicious.

There aren't really any exact measurements for this, you just kind of have to do it by what feels right for you...

Rub for Steak:

Olive oil
Ground Red Pepper
Rosemary (thyme if you are out of rosemary like I am also works)
3 cloves fresh garlic chopped

Now you can put everything into a plastic bag, shake it all together and then put your meat in and shake it, but I just poured some olive oil into a pyrex dish, put the meat in, and proceeded to rub both sides thoroughly with all of the ingredients.  As I mentioned earlier, I let it rest for 2 hours in this rub, flipping it from time to time, to make sure that both sides had equal opportunity to soak up the ingredients in the bottom of the dish.  Then after everything else was done, and just before Micah came home, I threw it in the skillet and cooked it.  I love this rub because it also forms a little bit of a crispy texture on the outside of the steak.

As Micah and I were sitting there eating he kept saying, "I was going to suggest asparagus and some kind of steak for supper, but we just always do that, so I didn't know what to say.  But you took the same thing, and, and well you made it different.  This is awesome, I'm so glad you made it."

So great minds do think alike....and in our case it's about food.  

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